Northern Frontier Foundation donations


The Northern Frontier Foundation builds on its commitment to encourage the betterment of society through charitable donations to those in need. We aim to provide a long-term benefit to all in Far North Queensland through our support of individuals and communities.

Our recent contributions

23/11/18 COUCH Annual Joint Donation with TPS $15,000
06/12/18 Mayor Christmas Appeal $5,000
15/01/19 Tony Nastasi 2018 Cardiac Challenge $5,000
08/03/19 Red Shield Appeal $5,000
17/05/19 Spinal Life Australia $25,000
30/06/19 Cairns Hospital Foundation $25,000
07/08/19 FNQHF - Cardiac Challenge Sponsor of Trinity $5,000
03/02/20 COUCH $20,000
08/04/20 Salvation Army $10,000
29/05/20 Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Limited $2,100
05/06/20 FNQHF - COVID Assistance Womens Division $74,000

We're always looking for ways to improve society and help those in need. Contact us for more information on how we help our local community.