Northern Frontier Foundation Indigenous Work

Our Work

We the board of the Northern Frontier Foundation must expand on identified, successful initiatives and those we have been associated with in the past.

We also need to educate and assist others in highlighting this direction, outlining why it will benefit us all in the longer term. Our view is that there needs to be a fundamental shift away from the traditional social policy framework. We seek to encourage the disadvantaged in our local community to empower and extend themselves. 

Lead by example

A wealth of talent exists in our local community, and we believe that if allowed to mature this talent will contribute positively to their own families and communities and lead by example for the betterment of not just their lives but the community as a whole.

NFF will seek to provide long-term reform examples to all community leaders, Indigenous leaders, governments and corporate leaders, who will see a genuine path to succeed through enabling empowerment. This is the example we will set.

Economic, social and cultural development

For Indigenous communities, our empowerment framework is based on the premise that Indigenous Australians have a right to development, which includes economic, social and cultural development as families, individuals and communities and as Indigenous peoples.

It recognises the primacy of the local nature of people and places, and is aimed at the empowerment of the families and individuals connected to those people and places. In such communities, our experience is to be guided by the community leaders. The NFF will, because of past history, turn to leaders such as Michael McLean to assist us in our formative years.

There are two parts to our development goal. They are each of equal importance, and are to be pursued concurrently and constantly tested to determine whether we are most productively using available resources and opportunities.


Empowerment, in our meaning, has two aspects. It means supporting people to empower their own lives by taking all appropriate and necessary powers and responsibilities for their future, and in so doing encouraging others by their example.

By giving opportunity to individuals to achieve their goals, they will set standards for others to follow. The principle of subsidiarity is the authority to decide and act, and it should rest at the closest level possible to the people or organisations the decision or action is designed to serve. This principle is an important element in our concept of empowerment for both Indigenous communities and others who, for whatever reason, have less opportunity.

Our goals

First, our goal is to close the gap on the social and economic disadvantage of the Indigenous Australians of the Empowered Communities in the northern regions.

Second, we aim to enable those who seek to follow a dream, a dream that might enable others of their community to see the benefit of striving for achievement through determination that might change the course for future generations.

To enable those in the community to achieve their goals and drive change, and in so doing, change the lives of many.